Walks in Sydney

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Few tourists get to Australia because the road is long and fairly expensive. But walks through Sydney or Melbourne’s capital city will more than offset all costs, and conquering crazy waves will generally be remembered as one of the most exciting moments in life.

Sightseeing walks in Sydney

Sydney remains one of the most beautiful cities on the Australian continent. Today, this metropolis is an amazing cocktail of the masterpieces of modern architecture, rushing into the sky, and the ancient city building in the Mediterranean style. You can explore the city on your own, but with a guide, it will be much more interesting and informative.

Among the most famous attractions and places of interest, tourists note the following:

  • Harbor Bridge. It is the leader in length among Sydney bridges (503 meters);
  • Sydney Tower. Another city record holder, but in height (305 meters);
  • Sydney Opera, building sailing;
  • Sydney Aquarium, a favorite place of entertainment for young tourists.

As you can see, the locals do not like to bother searching for interesting and original names. They immediately indicate what a particular building or structure is, and emphasize that it belongs to the city.

All at once or separately?

Such a question worries many guests of the city who come here for a couple of days, respectively, want to see as much as possible. It is important that there are excursion sightseeing routes around the city and mini-excursions that introduce this or that interesting object.

For example, you can choose acquaintance with the Harbor Bridge. During the tour, tourists get acquainted with the history of construction, technological features of the structure. And it is also allowed to climb to the very top of the bridge, from where the whole of Sydney is clearly visible.

Sydney Aquarium can also take a lot of time from curious tourists. The main inhabitants are fish, and other sea creatures, the highlight of the aquarium is glass tunnels, so visitors immediately feel a sense of plunging into the abyss, and fish and sea reptiles will float directly overhead. But the most impressive sight awaits guests in the Darling Harbor area, where you can see the largest mammals on the planet.