Life Safety in Australia

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This is one of the most controversial issues.

In fact, you feel protected – at least! You can immediately and without hesitation call the police if something has already happened to you or, in your opinion, could happen. Of course, the police will not rush to pull you out of the fighting chairs in the pub pub (sometimes it happens when your favorite rugby team lost). Police guys will stand nearby and wait for the passions to settle. If during this the chair is not broken about you, then you will be solemnly rescued! Nevertheless, the policeman can be approached without fear and with any question. No one (even the police) has the right to interfere in your personal life, listen to phone conversations, force you to testify, or search.

Financial security is guaranteed by the state. Each risk is insured not in paper or semi-criminal offices, but in real-life insurance premium companies. Citizens’ health is automatically insured in the state medical system MEDICARE.

Yes, you can open a car parked on the road at night, tear your wallet out of your hands. It’s clear that you don’t have to go to the Aboriginal and Vietnamese-Arab quarters at night – bastards exist in every society -but you always have the opportunity to seek emergency help.

On the other hand, there is absolute confidence that no one will beat you at the police reception, extort money under the guise of checking documents, fine on the street, throw drugs and cartridges into the pockets of a car in your pockets!

Yes, the police will not search for your stolen car, and stolen furniture from the apartment also,

however, tomorrow, the insurance company will reimburse you, but provided that you did not “greed” earlier and bought the insurance policy in advance.

Forty years ago in Australia there was no locksmith profession (lock, keymaker), since the doors to Australian houses were previously closed with a “bent nail” or propped up with ordinary cobblestone, so society did not require such specialists.

In modern Australia we carry “these pieces of iron” in our pockets, though they are more reminiscent of the item with which you open your mailbox, but … – they are present in our pockets, and, unfortunately, this is true.