Transport in Australia

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Why do people fly to Australia? This is a rhetorical question because it is the green continent that has a completely unique nature and wildlife and is ready to impress any traveler with amazing landscapes and views. The distant continent extends almost 4000 km from east to west and from north to south. While traveling to Australia, tourists can observe both the change of time and climate zones from moderate to equatorial. And finally, there are a lot of wild kangaroos, and meeting them just on the road or in the yard is a common thing.

Transport details

Left-hand car traffic does not become a hindrance for tourists who decide to rent a car. The roads on the continent are good and traveling around Australia by car is a special pleasure. The only problem is that kangaroos jump out onto the highway without warning and, given their weight, represent a certain danger to the driver and passengers. That is why observing the speed limit on a green continent is necessary.

Renting a camper in Australia is another way to see the country, saving a lot:

  • Camper rental will cost about 120AUD, but they allow you to spend the night in the free parking or inexpensive caravan parks. You can also buy Wi-Fi if you can’t sleep without watching a movie or playing at an online casino. By the way kahuna casino bonus offers a huge selection of games.
  • The price of a liter of gasoline on a green continent is about 1.5AUD, but if tourists travel by family or company, a motor home is more profitable than all other types of transport.

Public intercity transport is represented by domestic aviation and buses. On the airplanes of Tiger Airways, for example, there is a chance to get from Melbourne to the resorts of the Gold Coast in just 45AUD.

It is better to use public transport to get around the city, as it is almost impossible to find parking in major metropolitan areas. Tickets for buses or subways in Sydney are sold in special machines at the stations.

Taxi in the country is not cheap and at night the price increases by another third.

A single trip on transport in Sydney will cost 2-4 AUD, depending on the distance. It is more profitable to buy travel cards. Their price for a week is about 50AUD. The ticket allows you to use all types of transport.

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