Waterfalls in Australia

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Sydney Opera House and Skyline, Sydney, Australia

Australia has created excellent conditions for relaxation and recreation, and lovers of beautiful nature will experience a particular delight. And the waterfalls of Australia perfectly complement it!

Mitchell Falls

It is a 4-level waterfall, with a total height of about 80 m. Tourists like to watch the unusual spectacle as the waterfall streams gradually flow from one water bowl to the next.

Address: Mitchell River National Park, Kimberley County.

Jim Jim Falls

The 200-meter waterfall is especially beautiful during the rainy season. It turns into an unstoppable element dangerous to life, therefore at this time only helicopter excursions are organized to it. Nevertheless, it is open to the public during the June-November, when the flow of water decreases slightly, but this does not detract from its greatness. It cannot but cause delight of tourists who arrived here. Travelers will be offered to cross the road to the waterfall on a four-wheel-drive jeep on a dirt road 60 km long.

Address: Kakadu National Park, 170 km from Darwin. Having bought an entrance ticket to the park, which costs $ 25, you can visit it for 14 days in a row.

Russell Falls

Tree ferns, eucalyptus and southern sassafras surround the waterfall, which has a total height of 50-58 m. It often becomes the background for creating paintings and postcards, and the stream that is not in a hurry allows travelers to enjoy it fully. It is worth noting that the main entrance of the park and the waterfall separates 5-10 minutes walk.

Address: Mount Field National Park, Tasmania. Admission to the park will cost $ 12.

Wallaman Falls

The waterfall, the height of the continuous fall of which reaches more than 300 m, is located on the Stony Creek River. They can be admired, both descending to the foot and rising to the top. As for the comfort of travelers, a camping site has been built nearby.

Address: State of Queensland.

Ellenborough Falls

The waters of this waterfall fall down from a height of 160 meters, and the surrounding scenic area is interesting not only for tourists but also for photographers and artists.

Address: New South Wales.